Fall from Height

Here you’ll find Honeywell Safety’s full selection of products to address the Fall from Height hazard.

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Miller Positioning and Restraint Lanyards (Asia)
Rope, wire rope and web lanyards are recommended for “work positioning” and “restraint” only.


Miller Harnesses
Full-body harnesses


Miller Rope Lanyards with Shock Absorber
The versatile Miller Shock Absorber pack is an integral component of various Miller brand rope shock-absorbing lanyards.


Miller MA60 Harnesses (EUR)
2-point - Heavy duty full body harness - with belt, rear and front anchorage.      


Miller Xenon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Kits
Kits provide automatic pass-through fall protection for multiple workers that ultimately increases worker mobility, safety and productivity


Miller GlideLoc Vertical Height Access Ladder System Kits
An innovative solution for vertical climbing that is easy-to-use, requires minimal maintenance and provides superior safety.


Miller Connectors


Miller MA04 Harnesses
2-point - Fall arrest full body harness, rear & front anchorage for use with lanyard or fall arrester.


Miller Falcon Self-Retracting Lifelines
The safest, most robust and comprehensive range of composite retractable lifelines.


Miller Webbing Shock-Absorbing Lanyards
Shock-absorbing lanyard with an anchorage connector on most products

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