Gas, Vapors and Smoke

Here you’ll find Honeywell Safety’s full selection of products to address the Gas, Vapors and Smoke hazard.

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2000 Series Silicone Half Mask
With its comfortable silicone facepiece, this durable, user-friendly half mask air purifying respirator can withstand years of washing and use. One of the industry’slightest respirators, the 2000 Series features an innovative yoke design, and an angled, selfadjusting nose bridge to accommodate safety or prescription eyewear    


7600 / 5400 Series Full Mask
7600 series is made of 100% silicone which offers better comfort, fitness and safety compared with 7700 half mask. If you need a respirator offering higher protection level than 7700 then 7600 full mask is your optimum choice.  


7900 Sereis Escape Devices
 Acid gas mouthbit respirator for protection from atmospheres containing Chlorine,Hydrogen Chloride,Sulfur Dioxide,Hydrogen Sulfide,(eacape) Chloride Dioxide,Hydrogen Fluoride      


 • Sporty, 9-base wrap-around polycarbonate lens • Non-slip rubber nose bridge and unique padded temples  


Airline breathing tube and belt assembly for use with North tight
Airline Adapter to convert North air-purifying face pieces to supplied air.Includes breathing tube, waist belt and adjustable flow control valve.


Ambient Air pump--US standard
   • Conforms to NIOSH standards. • Solid performance in applications such as painting, cleaning, sanding or chemical handling operations.              


For handling of sharp and hot objects in a dry atmosphere. Glass industry and paper. Automobiles, car equipment manufacturers.


B2 Fire Protective Clothing
 Seven layers one-piece steam-proof fire protective clothing designed for      fire approaching in environment up to 1000OC, suitable to enter into fire for emergency


Blue1 Series Half Mask
 • Dual flange silicone provides a more comfortable and secure fit • Features a speaking diaphragm for improved communication • Compatible with S-Series filters and cartridges • Packaged in a resealable bag to protect the respirator from contamination when not in use  


 Glovebox operations in the nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductorand manufacturing industries. Particularly suited to applications  involving highly toxic chemical hazards, such as chemical weapons.              

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