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Miller DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post (AUS)

The DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post provides three independent swivel tie-off points for fall arrest anchorage, three-stage/four-position telescoping design and horizontal lifeline capabilities.

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Portable Fall Arrest Post
Portable Fall-Arrest Anchor Post


Portable Fall Arrest Post
14" Extension Post


Portable Fall Arrest Post
Post Extension Carrying Bag


Portable Fall Arrest Post
Davit Arm


Anchor Plates
Plate w/ Tie-Off Anchor


Anchor Plates
Standard Plate


Anchor Plates
Plate for Inclined Surfaces w/ Tie-Off Anchor


Anchor Plates
Plate For Inclined Surfaces


Brackets and Accessories
I-Beam Clamping Base


Brackets and Accessories


Anchor Plates

Additional Information

DH-AP-1 has three stage, four position telescoping design and aluminium construction for easy transportation and setup. Can be installed for vertical applications or on inclines of up to 15°. DH-AP-3 Rescue Davit Arm can be used with the portable fall arr

Key Features

The Miller DuraHoist portable fall arrest anchor post has been designed for use on top of transformers or other types of vertical platforms. The fall arrest anchor post provides three independent swivel tie-off points for fall-arrest anchorage and a three stage/four position telescoping design. Components are constructed of lightweight high strength aluminium for ease of storage, transport, set-up and manageability. The leveling screws allow the system to be plumbed to vertical for better working stability on inclines up to 15°. The anchor post also provides Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) capabilities using the HLL anchor ring. The anchor post collapses into one single piece weighing only 17.5kg.

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Warranty Information

MILLER FALL PROTECTION PRODUCT TOTAL SATISFACTION ASSURANCE At Sperian Protection, we have been providing quality Miller brand fall protection equipment to millions of workers worldwide since 1945. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTYBACKED BY OVER 60 YEARS IN THE FALL PROTECTION BUSINESS We sincerely believe that our fall protection equipment is the best in the world. Our products endure rigorous tests to ensure that the fall protection equipment you trust is manufactured to the highest standards. Miller fall protection products are tested to withstand normal wear and tear, but are not indestructible and can be damaged by misuse. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or abusive treatment of the product. In the unlikely event that you should discover defects in either workmanship or materials, under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our expense. If a replacement is necessary and your product is no longer available, a comparable product will be substituted. Should a product issue surface, contact us at 1300 139 166 (Aust customers) or 0800 322 200 (NZ customers) Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without notice.

Incline installations

Up at 15 degrees

Bracket to suit ManHandler/MightEvac


Anchor Plates

DH-AP-4 includes a tie-off anchorage point. DH-AP-5 is a standard anchor plate. DH-AP-6 includes a tie-off anchor point for inclined surfaces.

Number of users

3 people

Material Handling with DH-AP-3 Arm


Safety Factor

Minimum 2:1


(DH-AP-1) - 17.5kg (DH-AP-3) - 9.3kg

DH DuraHoist Portable Anchor Post AUS NZ 2016

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Instruction Manual Miller DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post - AUS

Miller DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post Manual Australia

Miller Industry Fall Protection Guide Poster - AUS

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