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Honeywell arm protection knitted with Spectr® Fiber; a high performance polyethylene (HPPE) which is highly effective in preventing cut, slash and abrasion. Spectra Fiber is low-linting, which makes these sleeves an excellent choice for industries such as food processing, and other industries where product protection and cleanliness is important.


Product Numbers



Arm Protection - Spectra® Fiber, 10", Gray - ANSI Cut Level A6
10 inch standard weight, gray Spectra® Fiber, bloused sleeve with elastic cuff at each end


Arm Protection - Spectra® Fiber, 16", Gray - EN388 cut level 5
16 inch standard weight, gray Spectra® Fiber and fiberglass blend


Arm Protection - Spectra® Fiber, 21" White, Alligator Clip - ANSI Cut Level A6
21 inch lightweight, white, Spectra® Fiber, with alligator clip,


Arm Protection - Spectra® Fiber, 21", White - ANSI Cut Level A6
21 inch standard weight, white Spectra® Fiber, bloused sleeve with elastic cuff at wrist and alligator clip at top

Additional Information

Made-to-order items: Minimum order requirement of $250 (USD) and predetermined incremental/minimum order quantity of item must be met. It is our policy to consider orders complete when +/- 10% of a made-to-order product is shipped. Every effort will be made to ship the quantity ordered. Customer will be invoiced for the exact amount shipped. Honeywell reserves the right to sell all overrun imprinted merchandise.

Key Features

Perfect Fit - Spectra® Fiber is 10 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and provides excellent protection from cut, slash and abrasion hazards. Spectra is filament fiber which decreases linting, which makes these sleeves an excellent choice for the food industry.

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Arm Protection, Sleeves, Perfect Fit

Warranty Information

Honeywell warrants that it's Honeywell protective sleeves are free from defects in material and workmanship. This limited warranty does not cover any product or component found to have been altered, misused, abused, tampered with or improperly maintained or to have deteriorated due to aging of any component made of rubber or any other elastomer. The limited warranty does not cover any damage, loss or expense due to damage caused by accident, abuse, improper maintenance, use or misuse of the product.

Specification Information

Honeywell Safety Products tests gloves in accordance with guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). To view ANSI testing information on individual part numbers, refer to the Technical Specification documents located in the Downloads and Documentation section.

Warning: Gloves are not cut or puncture proof, not recommended for use with moving or serrated blades.

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