About Intelligent Hearing Protection

About Intelligent Hearing Protection

QUIETPRO enhances your performance through bionic hearing technologies which heighten your ability to communicate with others and better understand your environment. The system clearly reproduces natural sound, while its ultra-fast digital processor provides active hearing protection from continuous, intermittent, and impact noise — seamless to the user.

In-ear headset.
QUIETPRO captures voice through the headset’s microphone inside the ear tip via air conduction. This eliminates pick up of ambient sounds commonly experienced with external microphones, enabling workers to communicate clearly. The in-ear headset is ideal for workers who operate in confined spaces or wearing head protection (e.g., respirators, welding shields, helmets).

Patented automatic fit check.
Upon ear tip insertion and system start up, QUIETPRO performs a quick calibration check to detect proper fit, validating adequate hearing protection and clear communications in each ear.  It alerts the users if he/she does not achieve minimum level of protection and are required to refit.

Exclusive in-ear dosimetry.
Only QUIETPROQP100Ex provides a real-time measurement of the worker’s protected and unprotected noise exposure throughout the day, creating a verifiable measure of noise exposure.

Fully adaptive hearing protection.
QUIETPRO bionic hearing expands your workers’ personal situational awareness, understanding, and communication by not only adapting to changing noise noises but also amplifying sounds up to 5x normal hearing. This allows your workers to remain aware of their surroundings, assess rapidly changing environments and potential threats, and reduce further exposures to hazardous noise. The control unit includes volume control buttons, allowing the user to reduce or increase the level of the surrounding sound.

DigitalActive Noise Reduction.
Our patented digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology delivers truly revolutionary results by continuously monitoring ambient sound, and reducing the levels of noise across the spectrum of frequencies to acceptable levels in real-time. This allows the user to hear all sounds at safe levels, and provides increasing low frequency attenuation for clear, intelligible communications.