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Optrel e684
The Optrel e684 is one of a kind! It combines a high degree of flexibility with a developed ease of operation. The E684 autopilot covers shade levels 5-13. This means you don’t need to adjust your helmet setting to suit the amperage required, as it senses the intensity of the arc and adjusts to suit. All shade cartridge settings can be controlled externally and all functions can be optimised while wearing the helmet. With functions such as HD viewing, Sight Calibration , Adjustable Delay Time the e684 is one of the most efficient welding helmets in the market.


e3000 PAPR with e684 Helmet
Increased Safety, Better Comfort, Enhanced Productivity. Harsh working conditions caused by smoke, dust, and vapours requires a high performing air purifying respirator systems that provides maximum safety and comfort, while being an cost efficient solution. The E3000 PAPR with Hard Hat provides the highest level of protection and comfort for welding applications. All electric arc welding processes Electrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW) / MIG / MAG (GMAW) / GMAW High melting rate process / Flux Cored Wire Welding / TIG welding (GTAW) / Plasma Arc Welding / Micro Plasma Arc Welding / Plasmacutting & Oxy-gas Welding / Grinding (prohibited for laser welding.


Optrel P550 Carbon
The p550 from Optrel is designed to be the perfect solution for common welding methods. The premium quality of the ADF combined with the Optrel p500 high impact helmet shell, guarantee a long life and good standard for welders. The popular Optrel headband and high impact certification ensures that the p550 offers the comfort and protection that Optrel welding helmets have become known for.


Optrel WeldCAP®
The optrel weldCap® weighs only 400 grams. It‘s well counterbalanced and the load on the back of the welder’s neck is significantly reduced. It relieves the welder of about 200kg load capacity over a year, when compared to conventional welding helmets. The Optrel WeldCap® brings together the comfort of a casual cap and the advantages of a full welding helmet.


Optrel VegaView 2.5
The VegaView2.5 opens up a whole new visual experience to you in a light state. The much brighter view of your working environment increases both safety and efficiency in the workplace. Thanks to optrel’s latest optic technology, you can enjoy a detailed and true-colour view of the welding process at shade levels 8-12.


Optrel LiteFlip Autopilot
The LiteFlip Autopilot is a fully automatic helmet (no manual adjustment necessary) with flip-up function for a clear view. True-colour view, ADF with shade level range 4/5-14 with autopilot (automatic shade level adjustment), +/- 2 individual manual offset, sensitivity adjustment, and opening delay with or without twilight function.

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