Miller Fall Protection and Engineered Solutions

Globally, Miller® brand safety at height equipment and services provide value-added features and benefits for those specifying, selecting and using our products. While safety at height is our ultimate goal, enhancing worker comfort, trust and productivity are also qualities that products bearing the Miller name have strived to maximize for over 60 years.

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Temporary Roof Anchor
The roof anchor provides a safe, secure anchorage point for maintenance and roof work.


Double Acting Scaffold Hook
Double action scaffold hooks are available as part of an energy absorbing lanyard assembly, or separately for addition to a fall arrest device via karabiner. The large openings allow workers to attach the hooks to wider and more varied anchorage points.


Miller® Roof Clamp
The Miller Temporary Roof Clamp provides a safe and secure anchorage point for roof and maintenance work.


Miller® Grip For 46mm-47mm Friction Rock Bolts
The Miller Grip for friction rock bolts is a product specifically designed to turn friction rock bolts into anchor points for the mining industry. The unique cam locking design means that the Miller mining grip is designed to work directly overhead in an axial setup. They have been tested in Australia in an under-ground mining situation by a NATA registered provider. The Miller Grip for friction rock bolts meet the strength requirements of a single or two person anchor point being 15kN or 21kN. Laboratory tests have shown the units will pull to destruction at 44kN.


Miller® Toggle Lok
The Miller Toggle Lok™ is a removable temporary anchorage connector designed for use in steel and cured concrete. The Toggle Lok™ can be used in a pre-drilled hole of 19mm either horizontally, vertically or in over-head situations. The Miller Toggle Lok™ meets the strength requirements of a single person anchor point.


Super Slider Beam Anchor
The Super Slider Beam Anchor connects to ‘I’ beams providing a trailing anchorage point for workers. Once locked onto the beam, the anchor grips the beam securely, yet moves freely along the beam with the worker maintaining a safe anchorage point where needed.


Miller® Sharp Edge Rope Pole Strap
The Miller® Sharp Edge Rope Pole Strap offers workers improved protection and abrasion resistance if working near sharp edges when compared to standard webbing pole straps.


Miller® Davit Base and Arm System
The Davit Arm and Base when coupled together provide a fixed anchorage point for work winches or rescue systems and for entering into confined spaces. The Davit arm offers the flexibility of being removed from the base and moved from job to job, where there are other bases. The 360° swivel arm provides easy access to suit many situations.


Quickpick™ Telescopic Pole
The QuickPick™ telescopic pole is manufactured from smooth aluminium and fibre-glass and is designed to assist in retrieving a suspended worker without having to descend to the victim. A rescuer can securely attach a retrieval system into the victim’s connection point on a harness using the releasable locking attachment clip at the end of the pole. The rescue pole extends from 1.2 metres to 3.6 metres in overall length with easy lock for quick adjustment in an emergency.


Söll Turntable Anchorage Eye
The Söll Turnable Anchorage Eye provides users with an anchor point rated for single person use.

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