Miller Fall Protection and Engineered Solutions

Globally, Miller® brand safety at height equipment and services provide value-added features and benefits for those specifying, selecting and using our products. While safety at height is our ultimate goal, enhancing worker comfort, trust and productivity are also qualities that products bearing the Miller name have strived to maximize for over 60 years.

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Söll Swivelling Anchor Point
The Söll Swivelling Anchor point provides users with a swivelling anchor point rated for a single user.


Miller® Safescape Elite Case
The Miller SafEscape Case contains a complete rescue kit equipped with a 90m SafEscape Elite with a hand-wheel and all the accessories required to carry out a rescue operation.


Miller®Sharp Edge Scorpion™ Fall Arrestor
When working at height a sharp edge is an especially challenging environment both for equipment and for people. The light-weight, compact design of the Sharp Edge Scorpion Fall Arrestor provides workers with an effective fall protection solution when working near Sharp Edges. The Sharp Edge Scorpions are compliant to the Sharp Edge Test featured in the European Standard and provides workers ultimate protection should a fall take place over a sharp edge. The Sharp Edge Scorpions feature a quick action braking system that arrests fall within centimetres. Compact and light these sharp edge tested retractable lifelines must be attached to the rear D-Ring of the harness with the energy absorber end when working near sharp edges. Extremely solid and light the Scorpion retractable lifelines contain internal components that are corrosion resistant comprising an Aluminium and Stainless Steel casing and shock–resistant thermoplastic housing.


Falcon Kit for Off Shore Windmill Industry
The Falcon Kit is especially designed to be used in the off shore windmill industry.


Miller® Lower Body Harness
The Miller® Lower Body Harness is a work positioning harness with padded leg straps for use in limited free fall applications.


Honeywell Fall Arrest Harness
The Honeywell Fall Arrest Harness is suitable for any general working at height application. The highly visible polyester webbing makes it easy to detect worker compliance. It is a light-weight harness which makes it comfortable to wear all day long with minimal restriction to the wearer’s movements."


Triple Action Karabiner
Karabiners act as a connection point between a harness and an ancillary fall arrestor, or between a fall arrestor and anchorage point. These connectors are convenient and lightweight, offering the worker mobility.


Miller Falcon Edge self-retracting lifelines
In work environments of every variety, edges at height are much more common than people are aware of. Simply look around any construction site and note the many different edges that exist such as edges of a floor, roof or formwork. Honeywell estimates that as many as 80% of fall-protection users have applications in which a lifeline will come in contact with an edge in the event of a fall. Without protection designed for edges, traditional lifelines risk being severed and the force upon the worker is significantly


Turbolite Edge
Turbolite Edge Self Retractable Lifeline


Miller Harness Accessories (AUS)
Miller offers a variety of harness accessories.

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