Miller Fall Protection and Engineered Solutions

Globally, Miller® brand safety at height equipment and services provide value-added features and benefits for those specifying, selecting and using our products. While safety at height is our ultimate goal, enhancing worker comfort, trust and productivity are also qualities that products bearing the Miller name have strived to maximize for over 60 years.

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Miller DuraHoist Confined Space System (AUS)
The DuraHoist Confined Space System provides safe, lightweight and portable solutions for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval and fall arrest applications.


Miller DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post (AUS)
The DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post provides three independent swivel tie-off points for fall arrest anchorage, three-stage/four-position telescoping design and horizontal lifeline capabilities.


Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Systems (AUS)
The SkyGrip was designed for easy installation on steel or concrete applications. A variety of innovative features have been engineered into these new systems, making them extremely user friendly with enhanced safety considerations.


Miller Revolution Harnesses (AUS)
The Revolution Harness reinvents harness safety and functionality with features developed to meet key, user needs. Exceeding worker expectations in comfort, fit, ease-of-use, style, durability, compliance, flexibility and convenience, the Revolution provides over 11 key product features from 7 new, unique components.


Miller DuraFlex Harnesses (AUS)
Feel the difference with specially-formulated elastomer (stretchable) webbing!


Miller Polyester Harnesses (AUS)
Polyester (non-stretch) webbing harnesses are heavy duty, yet lightweight and suited to many and varied applications.


Miller KMAX Harnesses (AUS)
Designed for use in applications where hot sparks or molten materials may come into contact with the harness.


Contractor Harnesses (AUS)
Contractor Value Harnesses


Miller Miners Harnesses (AUS)
Welders Harnesses are designed for use in applications where hot sparks or molten materials may come into contact with the harness.


Miller Miners Belts (AUS)
Used in conjunction with a full body harness, the miners equipment belts provide additional assistance with batteries and self rescue units.

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