Miller Fall Protection and Engineered Solutions

Globally, Miller® brand safety at height equipment and services provide value-added features and benefits for those specifying, selecting and using our products. While safety at height is our ultimate goal, enhancing worker comfort, trust and productivity are also qualities that products bearing the Miller name have strived to maximize for over 60 years.

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Miller Miners Belts (AUS)
Used in conjunction with a full body harness, the miners equipment belts provide additional assistance with batteries and self rescue units.


Miller Roof Worker Kits (AUS)
The Miller Roof Workers kit has been designed to allow workers in situations where roof work is required, and easy all in one kit, that packs neatly and easily into a sports bag for transportation and moving from site to site.


Miller Lanyards (AUS)
A variety of shock-absorbing lanyards are available


Miller Pole straps (AUS)
Fully adjustable pole straps for work positioning applications.


Miller Anchorage Lines (AUS)
Rope anchorage lines used in conjunction with type 1 fall arrest devices; provide workers with flexible access in fall arrest applications.


Miller Temporary Static Lines (AUS)
The Rope Temporary Static line is the solution to common access issues. It is quick and easy to install, and can be used in many applications.


Miller Rope Grabs (AUS)
The upgraded Rope Adjuster is a type 1 fall arrestor, which can be used on 12mm polyester rope, and 11mm kernmantle rope. This non-openable device is manually operated and locks off onto the rope for work positioning applications or in the event of a fall.


Miller Descent units (AUS)
Descent can be easily controlled by user or person on the ground.


Miller Rescue Systems (AUS)
Rescue System Kits and Components


Miller Tie Off Adaptors (AUS)
Temporary Anchorage connections are a great way to quickly and easily set up a temporary anchorage for connection by a lanyard or fall arrest device.

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