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We have a new name: My Sperian is now My Safety. Keep informed about new products and developments plus get a better perspective on the PPE industry. Joining My Safety is free – check out the services offered to members, below. We’ll be adding new features in the months to come, so join today.


My Favorites


Replacement Products

Keep your product favourites in a personal library.

“My favourites” helps you classify the products selected. You'll be able to save any product information you may need in order to find it easily the next time.

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“Replacement Products” allows you to make sure that your Honeywell Safety products are still up to date. If for any reason your product has been removed or replaced, this test will give you the reasons why and provide you with a link with the product replacement reference.

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Data Sheet Lists


Now you can easily research, share and compare products by creating a Data Sheet List for downloading. When you find a product you’re interested in and want to look into it further, just click the folder icon to have it added to your list of up to 20 items.

Once compiled, simply submit it for downloading and it will be converted into a .zip file of printable PDFs. That file will be available to you for up to five days, so you may download it when you’re ready. Register or log in to My Safety and begin creating your Data Sheet List.