Protective Clothing

Honeywell Safety is recognized worldwide as a leader in protective clothing, regrouping the most comprehensive line of specialized PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for applications like contamination protection: Single Use high tech products and Technical Reusable Workwear.


Honeywell Protective Clothing


- With its experience and expertise, Honeywell is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing Personal Protective Equipment in order to protect people in high risk environments.

- The quality and performance of the provided solutions make Honeywell a preferred partner when it comes to protecting people in contaminated areas in nuclear sites, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, biological research laboratories and hospitals.

 - Honeywell offers a wide range of comfortable technical solutions, such as suits, overalls, hoods and air filtering systems. Always with a high level of performance to ensure excellence in the quality of its products and its service to customers.


Asia Firesuit Flyer


 Fire Protection - NFPA certified TurnoutGear.

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