Protective gloves

With comprehensive experience in industrial hazards, Honeywell designs and manufactures all types of gloves (including mechanical, cut resistant, chemical, thermal and electrical) with the aim of ensuring comfort, safety and total adaptability to the workplace.

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Polyamide/composite fiber knitted gloves with polyurethane and nitrile coating.


SivaCut / K-TEX
Cut resistant, para-aramid knitted gloves with nitrile or latex coating.


HPPE knitted cut resistant gloves.


Para-aramid knitted cut resistant gloves.


Karbo / Brass / K-TECT / Thermoplus
Heat resistant gloves made of para-aramid.


Knitted para-aramid sleeves. Forearm protection.


Para-aramid/composite fiber knitted heat and cut resistant gloves.


Rig Dog™ Impact Gloves
Tough jobs call for tough gloves. New Rig Dog gloves are made to keep your team safe and in control when handling hazardous oily surfaces. They provide enhanced impact protection, they meet the EN388:2016 and have been developed to achieve the highest level of impact protection (level 3) from ANSI/ISEA 138 to be published in 2019. Special additional layers provide F ISO cut level resistance, guard against abrasions and enhance grip.    Made to be highly breathable and reduce hand fatigue, so they are comfortable to wear during long shifts.   Available in 3 styles: Xtreme, Waterproof and Mud Grip, so no matter if you work in oil and gas, mining, construction or another high-risk job, you can get the right gloves to keep your team safe and in control in different hazardous situations.

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