The Complete Respiratory Solution

As a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products, we've been protecting workers against respiratory hazards in many different environments around the world for over 100 years.

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    • Lighte and strong mighty-light back pack • Human being back pack        


7900 Series Escape Devices
  Acid gas mouthbit respirator for protection from atmospheres containing Chlorine,Hydrogen Chloride,Sulfur Dioxide,Hydrogen Sulfide,(eacape) Chloride Dioxide,Hydrogen Fluoride      


Evamasque Escape Devices
Evamasque Half-face evacuation mask for immediate escape from a dangerous environment


Panther SCBA
• Kevlar Headnet, also available with silicone head strap • 2020plus mask • Nose cup available in three sizes • Head-up display • Optional COMPASS integrated PASS device


5000 disposable mask
 • NEW OUTER LAYER: A reinforced and softer outer layer to improve the mask’s fit and the user’s comfort. • NEW ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE FILTER MEDIA: Its new formula provides added breathability while maintaining maximum filter performance.          


7600 / 5400 series full mask
 7600 series is made of 100% silicone which offers better comfort, fitness and safety compared with 7700 half mask. If you need a respirator offering higher protection level than 7700 then 7600 full mask is your optimum choice.  


5500 series half mask
 5500 is the economic half mask. It keeps most of the features of 7700 and is made of TPE material which reduces the using costs of users to the most without sacrificing any protection ability.  


Blue1 Series Half Mask
 • Dual flange silicone provides a more comfortable and secure fit • Features a speaking diaphragm for improved communication • Compatible with S-Series filters and cartridges • Packaged in a resealable bag to protect the respirator from contamination when not in use  


Mounted PAPR Series Full Face Mask
 • Lightweight unit will not slow worker efficiency • Low cost High Efficiency (HE) filter helps to reduce inventory cost


Opti-Fit™ Silicone Full Face Mask
 • U-shaped skirt. Comfort. Easy to use. • Silicone skirt. Comfortable and resistant.  

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