The Complete Respiratory Solution

As a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products, we've been protecting workers against respiratory hazards in many different environments around the world for over 100 years.

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Panoramasque full face mask
• EPDM face-seal. Long-lasting product. • Silicone face seal. Long service life. Comfort, allergy-free.  


RD40 Aluminum Canisters
Aluminium filters For Optifit, Panoramasque, Cosmo and the half-face mask Sperian Plus RD40  


RD40 Plastic Canisters
 Plastic filters For Optifit, Panoramasque, Cosmo, and the half-face mask Sperian Plus RD40.  


Opengo Escape Devices
      Opengo A new concept to fit the user’s needs in challenging chemical environments BAG        


Filtration Panel
 Air filtration panels filter impurities and hydrocarbons from an air compressor to convert to breathable air. To meet OSHA and CSA Z180.1-00 requirements a CO monitor is available for continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels.  


Honeywell T8000 is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) that is designed to provide a superior and effective safety product for respiratory protection in firefighting and industrial usage that complies with the EN137, Type II Classification. The T8000 SCBA from Honeywell understands a Firefighter's ensemble in high heat conditions, and the level of thermal performance. Firefighters need the finest protection against unforeseen circumstances that are immediately dangerous to life or health.


MC91 (MC91A 10M w/Cosmo Silicone J P3DF)
• Double safety filter • Minimum flow of 160litres(160-300)  


DE 4 (4-outlet Air Filtration Unit )
• Equipped with 3 filters to remove water, oil and solid aerosols > 5 microns • Class A carbon layer to remove the finest oil vapours (> 0.01 micron) and odours  


Airline breathing tube and belt assembly for use with North tight
Airline Adapter to convert North air-purifying face pieces to supplied air.Includes breathing tube, waist belt and adjustable flow control valve.


EEBA complete, five minute / ten minute
Supplying a continuous flow of 5 or 10 minutes of air, allowing workers to safety exit from a contaminated area

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