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As a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection products, we've been protecting workers against respiratory hazards in many different environments around the world for over 100 years.

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Premier Series silicone Half Mask
• Low breathing resistance for maximum comfort. • One of the easiest breathing respirators of its type, the Survivair Premier® incorporates a perspiration port to reduce facepiece slippage and skin irritation. This high quality, silicone respirator includes a soft sealing flange with rolled edges for increased wearer comfort.    


2000 Series Silicone Half Mask
With its comfortable silicone facepiece, this durable, user-friendly half mask air purifying respirator can withstand years of washing and use. One of the industry’s lightest respirators, the 2000 Series features an innovative yoke design, and an angled, self-adjusting nose bridge to accommodate safety or prescription eyewear.


Opti-Fit™ Silicone Full Face Mask
The Opti-Fit™ offers the ultimate in performance and affordability. With features usually reserved for more expensive respirators, the Opti-Fit™ can help you get the most from your respiratory protection budget. Opti-Fit™ features a distortionfree lens with exceptional view. Lightweight construction reduces head and neck stress even during extended wear. Three sizes fit almost any facial type


7600 / 5400 series full mask
 7600 series is made of 100% silicone which offers better comfort, fitness and safety compared with 7700 half mask. If you need a respirator offering higher protection level than 7700 then 7600 full mask is your optimum choice.  


5500 series half mask
 5500 is the economic half mask. It keeps most of the features of 7700 and is made of TPE material which reduces the using costs of users to the most without sacrificing any protection ability.  


Blue1 Series Half Mask
 • Dual flange silicone provides a more comfortable and secure fit • Features a speaking diaphragm for improved communication • Compatible with S-Series filters and cartridges • Packaged in a resealable bag to protect the respirator from contamination when not in use  


Opti-Fit™ Silicone Full Face Mask
 • U-shaped skirt. Comfort. Easy to use. • Silicone skirt. Comfortable and resistant.  


Panoramasque full face mask
• EPDM face-seal. Long-lasting product. • Silicone face seal. Long service life. Comfort, allergy-free.  


RD40 Aluminum Canisters
Aluminium filters For Optifit, Panoramasque, Cosmo and the half-face mask Sperian Plus RD40  

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