Airborne Particulates

Here you’ll find Honeywell Safety’s full selection of products to address the Airborne Particulates hazard.

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• Compatible with wide range of helmet designs (size, shape and geometry) • Visor fixing method is secure and allows easy visor replacement • Creased visor eliminates gaps and visor profile follows contours of the face for maximum protection, allowing full unrestricted head movement • Visor selection can be tailored to the specific hazard/application: mechanical, chemical, heat etc • A robust, heavy-duty, helmet mounted faceshield range with hearing protection compatibility    


Lens Cleaning Tissues
   • 500 per box • Non-abrasive to protect coatings  


Lens Cleaning Solution
   • 500ml spray bottle • Contains no alcohol or silicone  


Lens Cleaning Station
• Easily portable and disposable • Contains no alcohol or silicone


 Glovebox operations in the nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductorand manufacturing industries.      


Panther SCBA
• Kevlar Headnet, also available with silicone head strap • 2020plus mask • Nose cup available in three sizes • Head-up display • Optional COMPASS integrated PASS device


5000 disposable mask
 • NEW OUTER LAYER: A reinforced and softer outer layer to improve the mask’s fit and the user’s comfort. • NEW ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE FILTER MEDIA: Its new formula provides added breathability while maintaining maximum filter performance.          


7600 / 5400 series full mask
 7600 series is made of 100% silicone which offers better comfort, fitness and safety compared with 7700 half mask. If you need a respirator offering higher protection level than 7700 then 7600 full mask is your optimum choice.  


5500 series half mask
 5500 is the economic half mask. It keeps most of the features of 7700 and is made of TPE material which reduces the using costs of users to the most without sacrificing any protection ability.  


Mounted PAPR Series Full Face Mask
 • Lightweight unit will not slow worker efficiency • Low cost High Efficiency (HE) filter helps to reduce inventory cost

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