Here you’ll find Honeywell Safety’s full selection of products to address the Thermal hazard.

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B2 Fire Protective Clothing
 Seven layers one-piece steam-proof fire protective clothing designed for      fire approaching in environment up to 1000OC, suitable to enter into fire for emergency


AIR PLUME Fire Protective Clothing
Five layers one-piece steam-proof re protective clothing designed for reapproaching in environment up to 1000 OC,not suitable to enter or cross a fire


Aluminized Heat Resistant Jacket And Pants
Two-piece (jacket and a pants) clothing with fast fibulae which makes it more comfortable to use


Aluminized Heat Resistant Coat
Long coat with fast fibulae which makes it more comfortable and easy to use  


Aluminized Heat Resistant Helmet
The hood has panoramic visor made of gold-coated and replaceable glass  


Aluminized Heat Resistant Shoes Cover
Designed to work with Aluminized clothing, this product protects wearers from accidental contact with flame, convective and radiant heat and splashes of molten metal

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