Food Services

Discover Honeywell Safety’s full selection of safety products especially suited for the Food Services industry.

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Founding, glass industry.  


Smelting works, glass works.


   For fire-fighting and protect the risks of fire, heat, cut and water.  


 Glovebox operations in the nuclear, defense, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductorand manufacturing industries. Particularly suited to applications  involving highly toxic chemical hazards, such as chemical weapons.              


Honeywell Rookie
  The Honeywell Rookie offers a durable, modern and comfortable safety shoe, for a variety of work applications. Available in an ankle boot or low cut shoe, the dual density PU outsole of the Rookie provides good slip resistance. Value never looked so good.    


VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs
Superior hearing protection in a lightweight design. Hearing protection devices are only effective when worn, so comfort is essential. VeriShield™ 100 Series fits a wide range of head sizes, have a wide cup opening with memory foam ear cushions, and cushioned headband.Available in Steel-wire and Dielectric Material Headbands, it comes with a choice of styles from Folding, Over-the-Head, Helmet, Behind-the-Neck, to Multiposition and High Visibility options.Refer here for Dielectric range.


Honeywell Disposable Face Shield
The Honeywell Disposable Face Shield is designed for healthcare and social care workers and is intended for use in situations where social distancing isn’t feasible and in areas with high risk of community disease spread.  The disposable face shield complies with European regulations for splash and droplets, and offers enhanced protection against the transmission of droplets in the air. Unlike DIY solutions, this face shield provides an anti-fog coating to avoid fogging and visibility issues.

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