Oil and Gas

Discover Honeywell Safety’s full selection of safety products especially suited for the Oil and Gas industry.

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RINBA® Guardian Plus,Liquid/Spray Tight Chemical Protective Suit
RINBA® Guardian Plus is made from from a soft and pliable Neoprene and have been specially developed for situations where wearers in heavy conditions are exposed to high concentrations of chemicals and feel comfortable in both cold and extremely hot conditions        


Boiler Suit
PVC coated suit all seams are sewn and welded. With chemical tight plastic zipper and metal press studs for perfect protection against (chemical) liquids


RINBA® Splash, Liquid Tight Coverall Splash
One piece suit complete with boots, gloves and hood for extra safety  


Miller Revolution R7
Wind energy full body harness. 3point (Front and rear anchorage, and side D-rings)


Miller Revolution R8 Wind Energy Harness
Wind energy full body harness. 3point (Front and rear anchorage, and side D-rings)


ATEX antistatic harness
Prevents the risks of ignition caused by electrostatic discharge


SafEscape RG20(Oil & Gas Derrick Rescue Kits)
Oil & Gas Derrick Descending Rescue Kits.   


Twisted polyamide rope
Diameter 14mm, with a screwgate karabiner and counterweight


Kernmental rope
Diameter 10.5mm, with a screwgate karabiner and counterweight           


Kernmental rope diameter 11mm
   Nylon static rope; The inner core consists of 16 high strength twine;The outer layer consists of 32 braid rope, protect the internal rope from abrasion; Smooth appearance.

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