Oil and Gas

Discover Honeywell Safety’s full selection of safety products especially suited for the Oil and Gas industry.

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AIR PLUME Fire Protective Clothing
Five layers one-piece steam-proof re protective clothing designed for reapproaching in environment up to 1000 OC,not suitable to enter or cross a fire


EasyChem Heavy chemical protective clothing with SCBA inside
Air-tight chemical protective clothing in accordance with Type one in European standard


EasyChem Heavy Chemical protective clothing with SCBA outside
Air-tight chemical protective clothing in accordance with Type one in European standard  


RINBA® Guardian Plus,Liquid/Spray Tight Chemical Protective Suit
RINBA® Guardian Plus is made from from a soft and pliable Neoprene and have been specially developed for situations where wearers in heavy conditions are exposed to high concentrations of chemicals and feel comfortable in both cold and extremely hot conditions        


Boiler Suit
PVC coated suit all seams are sewn and welded. With chemical tight plastic zipper and metal press studs for perfect protection against (chemical) liquids


RINBA® Splash, Liquid Tight Coverall Splash
One piece suit complete with boots, gloves and hood for extra safety  


Fendall Porta Stream
   Porta Stream® II offers versatile portability and 15-minutes of uninterruptedflushing - without costly plumbing. Porta Stream’s simplicity of installation andoperation has made it an industry favorite. It is easily removed to activate flushing, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open. Include Eyesaline Concentrate180 oz.  Container              


Fine handling in greasy or dirty environment. • Black polyamide seamless knitted glove • Black breathable nitrile foam coating at the palm and fingertips, providing good breathability and grip  


Fine handlings in damp oily or greasy environment. • White polyamide seamless knitted glove • Grey oilproof nitrile coating on palm and on fingertips  


Perfect Poly® Finger
For fine and flexible handling and product protection circumstance. • Lightweight white polyamide knitted gloves, gauge 13 • Polyurethane coating at fingertips • Slilicone free • Exceptional dexterity

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