Oil and Gas

Discover Honeywell Safety’s full selection of safety products especially suited for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Welding Harness
Lightweight harness designed for the welding worker


Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System
Söll GlideLoc® System is used in: telecommunications, radio and TV masts,construction, power supply and hydroelectric installations, wind power facilities and so on


Söll GlideLoc® System
Söll GlideLoc® is a climbing system, permanently installed on buildings, towers, masts, etc…


Miller Revolution R7 OFFSHORE
Wind energy full body harness. 3point (Front and rear anchorage, and side D-rings)


Miller Revolution R7 WIND
Wind energy full body harness.3point (Front and rear anchorage, and side D-rings)


Duraflex 3 point full-body harness
Front and rear anchorage,side D-rings, with belt


Titan standard harness
Rear anchorage with work positioning belt


RM rescue harness
Rear and sternal anchorage and ventral anchorage and work positioning side anchorage with positioning belt


IBX2R Full Body harness
Rear, sternal and ventral anchorage (loops) and work positioning side anchorage with belt


RAM rescue harness
Black, with ventral anchorage

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