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    Top-Performing Industrial Personal Protection Equipment: Respiratory • Head, Eye & Face • Hand & Arm • First Aid

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    North Eyewear Appl
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    Top-Performing Industrial Personal Protection Equipment: Respiratory • Head, Eye & Face • Hand & Arm • First Aid

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    The Complete Respiratory Solution
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    Top-Performing Industrial Personal Protection Equipment: Respiratory • Head, Eye & Face • Hand & Arm • First Aid

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From eyewear to the latest advances in cutting-edge respiratory technology, North-branded products demonstrate proven performance and are known for high quality and reliability, applied across a broad range of new product introductions, every year.

North Respiratory Protection has been proven to help protect workers from life-threatening hazards ranging from gases and vapors to airborne particulates and pathogens. Our products perform reliably and efficiently every day for workers on job sites, factory floors, pipelines, or platforms to firefighters and medical personnel. We offer the following range of products to the highest quality standards: disposable respirators; limited-use respirators; reusable air-purifying respirators; powered air-purifying respirators, SCBAs and supplied air systems.

North Eye, Head, and Face Protection provides specialized, proven protection against chemical splash, flying objects, airborne particles, and harmful radiation. We offer, to the highest standard, dependable products such as hard hats, safety eyewear, goggles, and face shields.

North Hand Protection is trusted by workers in potentially hazardous environments. North provides the most complete line of proven performance protective products for hands and arms. Our gloves and sleeves protect against chemical and biological exposure and abrasions, as well as electrical risks and temperature. We offer some of the most reliable and trusted gloves and garments on the market, including: chemical and mechanical gloves; metal-mesh gloves, sleeves, and garments; and protective sleeves.

North Fall Protection has been proven to protect workers from falls from height, representing the leading risk factor for serious injury or death. Offering a comprehensive line of fall prevention and protection equipment, professional training, and fall arrest systems, North provides a trusted and reliable solution for safety at height. Safety managers specify our equipment for jobs ranging from construction and utilities to wind energy and forestry. We use the highest quality manufacturing processes to create personal fall protection that workers trust, with the height access solutions they need.

North First Aid brings high quality, proven performance first aid products for the effective treatment of a wide variety of work-related injuries.

North Protective Clothing provides a proven and critical line of defense. We combine the latest protective technology with freedom of movement and user appeal, whether on the job site or the factory floor, as well as in emergency or high-risk environments. We offer highly reliable and trusted clothing including: turnout gear; contamination suits; high-visibility traffic safety clothing.


Protect your workers with quality personal protection equipment from North. It’s a safe decision for you and your workers.


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