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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Titmus TR308S
Trendsetter Collection - the TR308S is stainless steel tough, features a trapezoidal shape and comes in dual color combinations.


Titmus TR309S
Trendsetter Collection - the TR309S is stainless steel tough, sized for the petite fit and the colors are so today.


Titmus TR310S
Trendsetter Collection - the TR310S is stainless steel tough, has a perfect shape for progressive lens users and comes in great colors.


Titmus TR311S
Trendsetter Collection - the TR311S is stainless steel tough, is our classic aviator shape and has colors and sizes to meet everyone's needs.


Titmus PC250A
Premiere Collection - this PC250A is a nice combination of aviator flair with strong rectangular shape influence. A superior size range makes this an excellent choice.


Titmus PC250SWA
Premiere Collection - this PC250SWA is a combination of aviator and rectangular shape influence. A superior size range for great fitting. The same style as the PC250A but with a ""swing wing"" bridge.


Titmus PC261
Premiere Collection - a very deep ""B"" dimension along with a tight split bridge design distinguishes this handsome style. Another great frame for the large fit requirement.


Titmus PC264
Premiere Collection - the PC264 is the best selling frame of this group and one of the best of the entire line. Its relatively shallow ""B"" dimension is a stylistic clue for today's fashion.


Titmus PC266A
Premiere Collection - the PC266A is a more traditional design today for men and offers a smaller fit as well as a shallower eye shape.


Titmus PC267
Premiere Collection - the PC267 is a great shape for today and is suitable as a unisex style. It is second only to the very popular PC264.

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