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Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of premium protective eye and face products that set the standard for comfortable, high quality protection at work.

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Titmus PC268
Premiere Collection - the PC268 is a modified aviator sporting a wide split bridge for greater structural support and attractiveness.


Titmus PC269
Premiere Collection - the PC269 is a classic and basic rectangle that has great appeal to men who prefer a bolder look.


Titmus PC280
Premiere Collection - the PC280 is a face friendly and basic style that looks good on most anybody. It's available in both men and women's colors.


Titmus BC101
Baseline Collection - the BC101 is a basic rectangle split bridge design with a good color and size range available.


Titmus BC104A
Baseline Collection - the BC104 is an excellent shape for today's market at an excellent value.


Titmus BC109
Baseline Collection - the BC109 ia a modern oval with some excellent color combinations.


Titmus BC115
Baseline Collection - the BC115 is a softened hexagonal shape for an attractive appeal.


Titmus FC601A
Baseline Collection - the FC601A is solidly constructed aviator style at a great value. Sized for the larger fit requirements.


Titmus FC702
Baseline Collection - a simple but attractive oval shape in a good size range.


Titmus FC703
Baseline Collection - the FC703 presents the basic but softened rectangle with a more traditional and deeper eye shape.

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