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    Safety managers are inspiring workers to change behaviours and make safer choices by themselves, both for their own protection, and that of their co-workers and friends. The team at Honeywell Safety Products understands this need, and is ready to help.

    Our safety experts and consultants can serve as guides to how employees should behave in the workplace — helping leaders engage in communications founded on mutual trust, sharing concerns on the importance of safety, and exemplifying confidence in the effectiveness of preventive measures.

    Transformational Safety Leadership

    Our innovative analytic and diagnostic solutions are key components of successful safety management systems. They help safety managers to set measurable goals and provide feedback focused on positive behaviour. This enables more effective feedback and team building, plus identifies realistic and flexible norms and rules about hazards and organisational learning.

    Transformational safety leadership at the managerial level goes beyond implementing safety management systems. It means putting “safety ambassadors” in place to accelerate culture change. Building a network of safety ambassadors facilitates the implementation of a safety culture and bridges the gap between safety managers and employees, helping to increase empowerment and compliance.

    Example: Honeywell and Prevent Blindness America have teamed up to develop the Eye2Eye Programme, a Web-based education resource that trains employees to communicate the importance of eye health and safety to each other and increases eye safety compliance,with the goal of building a stronger culture of safety in the workplace.