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1034430_1005149_1005160_1014390_1034431_1034611_HON_DuraHoist_3pod_Tripod_MightyliteEvac_WaterTreatment_Application_3ROISSY, France, 29 November, 2016 — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) has launched DuraHoist 3Pod, a single tripod solution, which can be adjusted to meet the needs of workers operating in a diverse range of confined space work situations, including wastewater and sewage facilities and electrical and telecommunications vaults. Easy to transport, simple and quick to install, the tripod’s intuitive and ergonomic design aids site preparation work and enhances safety operations underground.

“Until now, the critical necessity of keeping workers safe in confined space operations has been made difficult by the uniqueness of each confined space challenge – the various types of confined spaces, different manhole and entry port sizes, and different industry applications performed there. What Honeywell has done is introduce a single device that can be applied to all confined space situations, one that ensures workers are safe at any work site and is also compliant with the latest EN 795 class B requirements,” said Corentin Barbieux, product manager, Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEA.

“The new DuraHoist 3Pod benefits from Honeywell’s latest technological innovations in confined space, which include a fast, adjustable loading system for different leg opening angles on the tripod system and enhanced feet webbing to provide durability and maximum slip resistance on all ground surfaces.”

DuraHoist 3Pod is designed to fill a gap in the market for a single tripod that can be adapted to different manhole situations. Sporting an innovative opening and fixation mechanism in the head, the tripod can be opened at 1m, 1m50 and 2m50, providing workers with a flexible option on site and enhancing productivity. When closed, the legs are fixed and the tripod can be easily transported by gripping a single leg. The leg width can be reduced to 1m45 when fully closed, making it ideal for transport in small vehicles.

Once on site, the single tripod can be installed rapidly and securely around the confined space entrance. The length on the tripod’s legs can be easily adjusted and the new design includes an end-stop to fix each leg at its maximum length. To aid height adjustment, the tripod has a visual marking to enable the worker to position the pin in the hole. Each of the legs can be adjusted to different heights to adapt to the different work situations.

Certified to the requirements of the EN 795: 2012 class B (CN/TS 16415), the DuraHoist 3Pod has been designed to improve rescue from confined spaces and can be used with accessories. The product has been tested to lift a load of one worker, weighing up to 140kg.

The robust leg design provides stability, aiding rescue when the worker is pulled over to the side of the confined space entrance after being winched to the tripod head. The innovative feet webbing provides durability and maximum slip resistance on all ground surfaces.