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Miller Revolution Premium R6 Harnesses (EUR)
With the new Revolution harnesses Miller has reinvented the full body harness, redefined comfort levels and reinforced the durability of the product This Miller R6 Revolution 4-pt Premium Harness is perfect for utilities & telecom.


Miller Revolution Premium R7 Harnesses (EUR)
Revolution harness for wind energy applications      


Miller Revolution Premium R8 Harnesses (EUR)
Revolution harness for wind energy applications.      


Miller Elastokuik Harnesses (EUR)
The Elastokuik Comfort full body harness is perfect for electricity distribution applications. It has several anchorage points : back and sternal for fall arrest and lateral for work positioning.      


Miller Elastotrans Harnesses (EUR)
4-point harness with elasticated shoulder strap, work positioning belt and leg straps.      


Miller Elastolight Harnesses (EUR)
The Elastolight Harness is designed for work on electric utility poles. This harness is the perfect solution for work positioning and access.      


Miller Tower Harnesses (EUR)
The tower harness is a comfortable, heavy duty, all round full body harness, with sit harness function. It has been specifically designed to work on towers, and incorporates a wide comfortable support belt, which helps prevent back injuries.      


Miller RM Harnesses (EUR)
The light and comfortable full body harness has elasticated webbing allowing multiple applications, for all kinds of people working at height.      


Miller Butterfly II Tree-Pruning Harnesses (EUR)
Light and ergonomic, the Butterfly II harness has been designed to meet the requirements of the tree pruning professionals. This harness is particularly adapted to operations where the tree pruner is continually moving around the tree.      


Miller Tree-Pruning Harnesses (EUR)
Commonly used in conjunction with a climbing line, spikes and a work-positioning lanyard, the full body harnesses are suitable for heavier tree-pruning operations (i.e. using a chainsaw). The climber is positioned against the trunk and is not required to move around the tree.      

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