Protective Clothing

Honeywell offers a complete range of Protective Clothing to serve virtually all industries and applications.


  • Single Use Clothing:  Our complete line of ventilated & non-ventilated suits and accessories provides full body protection, for a truly global solution.
  • Technical Reusable Workwear: Our wide range of coveralls, jackets, pants, shirts and more. Available in various fabrics to provide protection, durability and comfort in multiple hazardous working environments.
  • Workwear: Our complete range of parkas, waistcoats and trousers for protection against all types of foul weather, and safety in low-visibility environments. The ideal blend of protection and functionality.
  • Fire Gear: Our line is ergonomically engineered to meet the rigors of today’s firefighting professional.
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Honeywell Protection Clothing


Multisafe Range

- With its experience and expertise, Honeywell Protection Clothing isspecialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing Personal ProtectiveEquipment in order to protect people in high risks environments.

- The quality and performance of the provided solutions make Honeywell Protection Clothing a preferred partner when it comes to protecting people incontaminated areas in nuclear sites, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, biologicalresearch laboratories and hospitals.

 - Honeywell Protection Clothing offers a wide range of comfortabletechnical solutions, such as suits, overalls, hoods and air filtering systemsalways with a high level of performance to ensure excellence in the quality ofits products and its service to customers. The know how of Honeywell ProtectionClothing is built on high quality, innovation and technical advice that gohand-in-hand with customers needs.


- Multisafe range is designed toprotect individuals working in the petrochemical and chemical industries,refineries, energy suppliers (gas, fuel, etc), maintenance services, etc.

It is a complete rangeproviding varied protection:

- Heat: withstandsflames, heat and sparks from molten metal (clothes are not suitable for dealingwith fires; for example fire-fighters

- Chemical:provideslimited protection from liquid chemicals (such as: sulfuric acid, sodiumhydroxide, etc)

- Antistatic: preventselectrostatic charges accumulating on clothing

- Welding: protectsduring welding and other similar tasks

- Mechanical: benefits from goodmechanical resistance, especially breaking, tearing and abrasion.



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