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In an uncertain world, Honeywell is your Global solutions partner, bringing you world class technologies and experience to meet the challenges of your environment, whether it be manufacturing, operations or rescue.

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STITCHED AND CEMENTED RANGE: STRENGTH, EXPERTISE AND VARIETY OF CHOICE The stitched and cemented collections offer a variety of choices both technologically and aesthetically. Stitched outsole assembly is recommended for the manufacture of sturdy and durable footwear, to be worn in all weather conditions, and designed for outdoor activities and harsh environments. It is used for making footwear with an advanced, practical and fashionable outdoor design. Most of the stitched models incorporate the latest innovations in professional footwear: 200J non-metallic toecap Anti-puncture non-metallic midsole   They provide the user with greater comfort and safety all day long.


Gloves that protect against cold from 0°C to -20°C.


Heat resistant cowhide leather gloves. Adapted for MIG, TIG, Arc, foundry and Argon welding.


Multisafe Comfort
The Multisafe Comfort range is designed to protect users against electrostatic hazards, chemical, heat and flames hazards.    


The FlamePro2 range of clothing has been designed to protect welders against molten metal splashes. Resistant and durable, they can be worn alone or in addition to the FlamePro1 line for more hazardous applications.

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