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Honeywell Safety Products has the broadest portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today. Our core mission is to help safety managers build an enduring culture of safety that minimizes injuries and maintains a more protective and productive workplace. Partner with Honeywell to discover new ways to lead your workers to safety.


Honeywell Safety Products

Explore our selection of safety product brands.
  • HoneywellMultiple PPE Categories  
  • Miller by HoneywellFall Protection  
  • HowardLeight_163x94Hearing Protection  
  • Uvex_163x94Eye & Face Protection  
  • North_163x94Multiple PPE Categories  
  • FibreMetal_163x94Head Protection  
  • Oliver_163x94Foot Protection  
  • Otter_163x94Foot Protection  
  • Kings_163x94Multiple PPE Categories  
  • ServusFoot Protection  
  • KCL by HoneywellHand Protection  
  • HarleyDavidson_163x94Hard Hats & Eyewear  
  • Xtratuf_163x94Foot Protection  
Fire Safety
  • HoneywellFRP_163x94First Responder Equipment  
  • Morning Pride by Honeywell Logo 163x94Protective Clothing  
Electrical Safety
  • Salisbury_163x94Electrical Safety Products  
  • HowardLeight_163x94Hearing Protection  
  • HowardLeight_163x94Shooting Sports  
  • Ranger_163x94Protective Clothing  
  • Servus_163x94Foot Protection  
  • Muck_163x94Foot Protection  
  • Neos_163x94Performance Overshoes  
  • Stanley_163x94Multiple Categories