Ögon- och ansiktsskydd

Skyddet från topp till tå börjar på många arbetsplatser vid huvudet. Våra branschledande produkter tillhandahåller specialiserat och beprövat skydd mot kemikaliestänk, flygande föremål, luftburna partiklar och skadlig strålning.

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Honeywell HORIZON
The Horizon is an highly technical spectacle with adjustable temple wires, integrated sideshields and upper & lower protection


The Horizon-Ventilated has the same characteristics to the Horizon model: an highly technical spectacle with adjustable temple wires, integrated sideshields and upper & lower protection. It additionnally features several mini perforations on the side and lower shields aiming at ventilating the inside of the spectacle and this reduce fogging issue. This model is recommended for situations with wide thermal range, high temperature, outdoor work or for use with a respirator mask. Horizon can additionally be fitted with a flip-up window for further protection.


To meet the needs of workers who require vision correction, we offer the Honeywell SW09R prescription safety frame. The SW09R delivers the fit, performance and protection required in extreme environments, protecting workers against intense wind, dirt, dust and debris. Very modern and sporty frame, the SW09R comes in two versions: a 6-base and a 8-base lens configuration that accommodate almost any prescription. Features a removable / replaceable foam insert to extend the life of the eyewear.


Modern and sporty frame providing great coverage and a close fit to the eye for superior protection.The SW12 is intended for multipurpose usage including high particle environments (dirt, dust, airborne debris) and is ideal for almost all industries.Available in 3 stylish colors. Bright colours for more fun at work!


Honeywell Titmus EXT4
Titanium Collection - another take on the classic P3 shape but with a shallow vertical dimension for higher cheekbone characteristics. It features attractive detailing on the endpieces and temples.


Honeywell Titmus SW02
SWRx Collection - need something really cool for multifocal eyewear? Try the SW02 on for size. Stainless steel built.


Honeywell Titmus PC268
Premiere Collection - the PC268 is a modified aviator sporting a wide split bridge for greater structural support and attractiveness.


Honeywell Titmus BC101
Baseline Collection - the BC101 is a basic rectangle split bridge design with a good color and size range available.


Honeywell Titmus BC102A
Baseline Collection - the BC102A is a basic rectangle with a softer edge to it with the classic split bridge design with an excellent color and size range availability.


Honeywell Titmus BC104A
Baseline Collection - the BC104 is an excellent shape for today's market at an excellent value.

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