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Miller Rope Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)
Shock absorbing rope lanyards feature a built-in shock absorber which limits the fall arrest force in a fall situation to within 6kN.      


Miller Work Positioning Lanyard (EUR)
Ideal for those who have to work at height in a safe ans supported hands-free position. the lanyard is fitted around a supporting structure and then connected to the side D-rings on the operator's belt or harness.      


Titan Work Positionning Lanyard (EUR)
Titan Work Positionning Lanyard are ideal for a full-range of applications including construction and general maintenance.      


Titan Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)
Shock-absorbing lanyard styles.      


Titan Restraint Lanyards (EUR)
A restraint lanyard is used to restrict the worker's movement to prevent him reaching a location where a fall hazard exists.      


Miller Tie-Back Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)
Designed from top to bottom for tie-back use.      


Miller Tie-Back Forked Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)
Designed from top to bottom for tie-back use.      


Miller Split Tails (EUR)
This tail is suitable for Prussik, Swabish and Valdotain knots. Designed for arboriculture.      


Miller Reinforced Rocker (EUR)
Work positioning rope lanyard supplied with a keylock connector and a snap hook to make it easier to connect the lanyard to the side buckles.      


Miller Reglex Machoire (EUR)
Work positioning Lanyard - Suitable for tree-pruning The tree-worker uses the lanyard in conjunction with spike gaffs to climb up the tree-trunk.      

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