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Här hittar du alla Honeywells produkter för att hantera riskerna med fall från höjder.

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Titan Harnesses (EUR)
Non-stretch harnesses.      


Titan Work Positionning Lanyard (EUR)
Titan Work Positionning Lanyard are ideal for a full-range of applications including construction and general maintenance.      


Titan Work Positioning Belt (EUR)
Should be used for work positioning only or be used in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection.      


Titan Automatic Rope Grab (EUR)
The automatic rope grab and anchorage line is designed to prevent workers from falling during ascent or descent. It is particularly useful on sloping roofs where retractable lifelines may react too slowly.      


Titan Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)
Shock-absorbing lanyard styles.      


Titan Restraint Lanyards (EUR)
A restraint lanyard is used to restrict the worker's movement to prevent him reaching a location where a fall hazard exists.      


Titan Fall Protection Kits (EUR)
Titan fall protection kit options      


Miller TWIN TURBO System
New patent-pending Twin Turbo D-Ring Connector easily adapts two lightweight Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs) for continuous 100% tie-off fall protection.      


Söll MultiRail stainless steel system
The Söll MultiRail Stainless Steel Horizontal Rail System conforms to the latest European standard EN 795:2012 type D and CEN/TS 16415:2013 regulations for horizontal anchor devices. Söll MultiRail is not only for installation at foot level or overhead but can also be installed sideways for use as a handrail. The high quality stainless steel product line is resistant in the toughest environmental conditions.


Söll Xenon® 2.0 Horizontal Lifeline System
Söll Xenon® 2.0 HLL is an innovative height safety solution that conforms to new EN795:2012 standards and regulations.It's a high quality, durable system made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and is ideally suited to industrial applications like working on crane runways, loading bays and roofs.

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