Upptäck alla Honeywells skyddsprodukter som är särskilt avsedda för brandbekämpning.

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Laser Lite Single-Use Earplug
Highly visible protection


SmartFit Multiple-Use Earplug
Delivers superior comfort and a truly personalized fit


Max Single-Use Earplug
Highest attenuation in single-use earplugs


Miller Kevlar Harnesses (EUR)
Heat and fire resistant Kevlar® harnesses.      


Leightning Noise Blocking Earmuffs
High performance and robust steel wire durability


Protective clothing designed to protect the operator against the accidental contact with flames, convective and radiant heat. It can also be used where there may be the need to dissipate a build-up of electrostatic charges


Max Lite Single-Use Earplug
Comfort for smaller ear canals


Rocker Rope Lock (EUR)
Versatile and lightweight fall arrest system designed for technical rope access.      


Airline Trolley Unit
Mobile compressed air unit ensures that users have a supply breathable compressed air for any kind of work in confined spaces or long duration maintenance tasks. It adapts to the various respiratory needs of the users depending on the type of work involved.    It can be used with 2 cylinders and can supply two users at a distance of 50 meters.  


Airline Breathing Apparatus
The Bioline is a compressed airline breathing apparatus set developed by Honeywell Safety Products. It is specially designed to meet the most demanding and varied industrial needs

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