Filter 178 medium

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Product Family

Filter 178 - 630-670nm Alignment

This absorbing high transmission polymer filter has the following attributes:


APPLICATION: 630-670nm

Color/VLT: Green / 23%


Red Wavelength Coverage

QC Measurement

Alignment for aiming beam


OD Specifications:

OD 2-3 @ 630-670nm


Key Features

Honeywell High Transmission filters incorporate a patented notch dye technology that provides superior visible light transmission while providing the required protection level.
Available in the following frame styles. Filter colors in the frames styles below may not match color of filter.

Color/VLT - 23%
Filter 178 swatch

OD 2-3 @ 630-670nm   


Honeywell Encore (Spec/Fit-over)

EN 208 specifications:
630-670 RB2


Recommended Industries/Use



  • ANSI Z136.1 - USA: American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers
  • EN208 - Europe: Personal eye-protection - Eye-protectors for adjustment work on lasers

Historical Brand

Glendale, Honeywell

Protection for Laser Type

630-670nm alignment


ANSI Z136.1, CE EN208


Polymer Absorptive



Alignment Filter


Please refer to the Warning Sheet and Cleaning Instructions provided with the product. Also refer to the Downloads and Documentation for information.

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