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Frame - Honeywell New York

The new Honeywell NewYork is a landmark design for combining the aspects of high level laser protection, comfort and style. It brings the world of fashion to laser eyewear.


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Filter 096 - YAG, Holmium, Erbium, CO2
Glass filter, VLT: 75%, Color: Light Gray

Additional Information

Eyewear includes a cleaning cloth or a micro-fiber cloth bag (which doubles as a cleaning cloth), a see-through hard-case for storage (also helps to identfiy the filter within the case easily) and a safety hang cord to carry the eyewear around your neck

Hazardous Materials


Key Features

• High protection you can trust in an eye wear designed for all-day wearability
• High quality OBE brand spring hinges provide the ultimate in comfort and durability
• Temples can be conformed for an improved face-form fit
• High level protection and style are built into the design of the eyewear, by adding stylish anodized metal pieces as accents in strategic locations

Recommended Industries/Use



  • ANSI Z136.1 - Meets ANSI Z136.1 standard
  • ANSI Z87.1 - Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard
  • EN207 - CE EN207. For CE, standards met by Frame are based on the type of filter within the frame.
  • EN208 - CE EN208. For CE, standards met by Frame are based on the type of filter within the frame.

Historical Brand


Filter Technology

Glass, Coated Glass

Can be used as Spectacle


Fits-over prescription eyewear


Adjustable features


Comfort Level


Filter Coatings



ANSI Z136.1 (all filters), ANSI Z87.1CE EN 207, EN 208 (Based on filter)


Microfiber bag or Cleaning clothSee-through hard case for storageHang cord

Please refer to the Warning Sheet and Cleaning Instructions provided with the product.

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