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Honeywell Adaptec

One Style. Three Sizes. Customized Fit & Performance.

Research Shows that different facial features demand customized adjustability. Setting out with a new approach to safety eyewear, Honeywell wanted to create a product that would fit everyone - no matter their gender, ethnicity, or facial features. Adaptec is an adjustable eyewear system that can be worn by the widest range of workers and still deliver excellent protection, superior comfort, customized adjustability, premium optics and a stylish look!

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Honeywell Adaptec
Frame: Size Narrow, Blue/Grey Color, Lens: Smoke, 4A+ Coating


Honeywell Adaptec
Frame: Size Narrow, Black/Red Color, Lens: Smoke, 4A+ Coating

Additional Information


4A+ Coating - New with Adaptec!

Ready for any condition, the Honeywell Adaptec 4A+ lens coating on both sides of the lens bear the marks K&N to ensure excellent anti-fog, anti-static and scratch-resistant properties.

Packaging Information

Products come packaged in a Honeywell Adaptec branded box.  Each box is printed with the attributes of the product and images associated with the product advertisements. Product is packaged in a clear plastic polybag that is placed inside the branded, color box.

Key Features

 One Style - Means simplicity of stocking and ordering as well as consitent usage by workers

Three Sizes - Means the RIGHT protection, improved performance and optical clarity for everyone in your workplace

Customized FIT & Performance means personalized comfort for each wearer, ensuring all-day protection and compliance with safety requirements.

*One Style. Three Sizes. Customized Fit & Performance.

*Adjustable nose bridge centers eyes to reduce fatigue.

*Self-adjusting nose pads add to worker comfort.

*Adjustable lens angle improves safety and reduces fogging.

Temples micro-adjust for a snug fit and all-day comfort

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 166:2001 - Technical performance standard - the core standard for Eye & Face Protection
  • EN 169:2002 - Filters for welding and related techniques - Transmittance requirements and recommended utilisation
  • 170:2002 - Ultraviolet filters - Transmittance requirements and recommended utilisation
  • 172:1994+A1:2000+A2:2001 - Solar Radiation filters - Sunglare filters for industrial use
  • AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 - Australian /New Zealand Eyewear Standard. Medium Impact. Lic 0562

Historical Brand







Polycarbonate with soft, rubber material


Two Options to satisfy workers preference: Blue/Grey and Back/Red frame options


Soft, flexible rubber material covers frame components such as the temples for a comfortable, secure fit.


Soft, flexible material allows each nose pad to independently conform to the wearers face, delivering greater comfort, contact and stability


Available in a variety of tints with filtering action, welding and UV and sunglare filters


Availanle in 4A+ for most styles and 4A for IR shades


Adjustable nose bridge centers eyes to reduce fatigue, self-adjusting nose pads add to worker comfort, adjustable lens angle ratchets to seven positions, temple micro-adjustment allows workers to adjust temple tension without having to remove the eyewear


EN 166, EN 169, EN 170, EN 172, & AS/NZS 1337.1




Narrow, Regular and Wides sizes to fit most individuals. The Narrow options are designed to fit to a small head and thus the frames are marked accordingly with H according to the standard

For those products marked with K&N (all products excluding IR shades), the following is valid:

K: Resistance to surface damage by fine particles

N: Resistance to fogging of oculars

See the certificate for further detail and information regarding each reference in the Honeywell Adaptec Range.


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