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Honeywell Bionic

Advanced ergonomic design with 2,784 possible positions, extended chin and top-of-head protection, and a ratcheting headgear mechanism for a secure and comfortable fit. Hard Hat Adapter available.

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Complete Faceshield
Black Shell with Clear Lens, Fog-Ban Anti-fog Coating Polycarbonate Visor

Key Features

Advanced ergonomic design with 2,784 possible positions, extended chin and top-of-head protection, and a ratcheting headgear mechanism for a secure and comfortable fit. Hard Hat Adapter available.

Recommended Industries/Use



  • AS/NZS 1337.1 - Australia/New Zealand Standards. High Impact & Splash Protection
  • AS/NZS 1337.1 - Australia New Zealand Standards. 1015112 Visor approved to Extra High Impact & Splash Protection
  • AS/NZS 1337.1 & 1338 - Australia/New Zealand Standards. Welding Lenses approved to High Impact, Splash Protection, Hot Solids & Resistance to ignition
  • EC Category PPE - EC Category PPE
  • EN 169 / EN 170 / EN166 - Standards EN 169/EN 170/EN166
  • European Directives 89/6868/EEC - European Directives 89/6868/EEC
  • ISO 9001/2000 - ISO 9001/2000
  • Optical Class I - Optical Class I
  • Impact rating F&B - High speed particles, low energy; High speed particles, Medium energy
  • T - impact tested at extremes of temperature
  • C - Unimpaired colour perception
  • 3 - Protection against liquid splash
  • 8 - Protection against short circuit electric arc
  • 9 - Protection against molten metals and hot solids

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Warranty Information

LIMITED WARRANTY:Honeywell warrants that is products are free from defects in material and workmanship. A product that is subject of a warranty claim must first be made available to an authorized Honeywell Safety Product distributor or the to seller from whom the product was purchased. All warranty returns must be shipped pre-paid. honeywell or the Honeywell Safety Product distributor will then determine whether repair or replacement of the product is the appropriate remedy. This will be done at no charge to the end-user. This limited warranty does not cover any Honeywell product or component found to have been altered, misused, abused tampered with or improperly maintained or to have deteriorated due to aging of any components made of rubber or any other elatomer. This limited warranty does not cover any damage, loss or expense due to damage caused by accident, abuse, improper maintenance, use or misuse of the product. Honeywell Safety Product should be used only on strict accordance wtih and adherance to the detailed instructions and warnings provided with the product.


Face shield

Visor Material

Acetate and Polycarbonate

Lens Coatings

Uncoated & Fog Ban


2,784 possible combinations, Extended chin and top-of-head protection, Ratcheting headgear mechanism,




Replacement Sweatband, Bionic Visor Protectors, Bionic Hard Hat Adapter

Replacement Visors


All products come packaged with instructions and warnings for proper use.

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