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To meet the needs of workers who require vision correction, we offer the Honeywell SW09R prescription safety frame. The SW09R delivers the fit, performance and protection required in extreme environments, protecting workers against intense wind, dirt, dust and debris. Very modern and sporty frame, the SW09R comes in two versions: a 6-base and a 8-base lens configuration that accommodate almost any prescription. Features a removable / replaceable foam insert to extend the life of the eyewear.


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Honeywell SW09R 8-base
• 8-base lens configuration • Color: Glossy black


Honeywell SW09R 6-base
• 6-base lens configuration • Color: Glossy black

Key Features

The Honeywell SW09R delivers the fit, performance and protection required in extreme environments, protecting workers against intense wind, dirt, dust and debris, as well as high heat and humidity, with a host of features that include:

• A smooth, yet dense foam sub frame designed to minimize pressure against the skin and offer superior comfort for a complete, all-day sealed fit. Foam insert can be removed and replaced to extend the life of the eyewear.

• Ratcheting temples that adjust the lens angle by up to 15° for optimal coverage and air circulation.

• A simple temple-to-headband exchange system makes switching between temples or headband quick and easy.

• The 8-base version, with its deeper curvature, offers the highest visibility and added peripheral vision; however it can only accommodate a limited prescription range. A 6-base version is available for employees requiring a stronger prescription lens.

• Meets EN166 standards.



  • EN166 -

REACH Compliance

EU Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) Compliance
The substance(s) listed below may be contained in this product above the threshold level of 0.1% by weight of the listed article.
Product Reference Sold in EuropeSubstance > 0.1%
Substance NameCAS Number
No Substance Content

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