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Product Family

Miller Falcon Edge self-retracting lifelines

Falcon Edge Self Retractable Lifeline

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Product Numbers



Falcon Edge 6,2m Galva
Falcon Edge 6,2m G 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 9m Galva
Falcon Edge 9m G 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 15 m Galva
Falcon Edge 15 m G 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 18 m Galva
Falcon Edge 18 m G 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 6,2 m Stainless Steel
Falcon Edge 6,2m St St 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 9m Stainless Steel
Falcon Edge 9 m St St 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 15 m Stainless Steel
Falcon Edge 15 m St St 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI


Falcon Edge 18 m Stainless Steel
Falcon Edge 18 m St St 2 Twist 2 Swivel FI

Key Features

Falcon Edge is an edge-tested automatic SRL that is suitable for all work situations, including those requiring low-angle anchoring when working on edges for versatility, reliability and maximum safety

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN360:2002 - VG11 CNB/P/11.060 2014 -

Historical Brand

Honeywell Miller

A product that suits all work situations

Product tested on edges with an angle radius >=0.5mm thanks to its angle-resistant enregy absorption system according to the latest normative reqiurements. Tested at 136kg in all situations in height : horizontally, vertically, with fixation at the feet and near edges

Comfort and freedom of movement

2 swivels (on the carabiner at the end of the cable and on housing) prevent the cable from twisting and improve the retraction of the cable

Better security

Easy visual inspection thanks to integrated fall arrest indicator. Energy absorption system protection, UV and moisture resistant


Durable designwith components resistant to corrosion. Extended life duration

Honeywell Safety Products EMEA

Immeuble Edison Paris Nord II
33 Rue des Vanesses
95958 Roissy CDG Cedex
+33 (0)1 49 90 79 79
+33 (0)1 49 90 71 38

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