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Miller Rescue and Evacuation Equipment (EUR)

Rescue and evacuation equipment. 




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4 legged style tripod with removable and adjustable legs exteding from 135cm to 230cm


Self Tailing Winch
Two speed rope winch for use in conjunction with four legged Quadpod


Emergency Rescue Sling
Comfortable and easy-to-use, adjustable leg straps, 9mm foam padding on chest strap


Evac Body Splint
Polypropylene bed, fitted woth foot supports, stored in a compact bag, easy to transport, padded shoulder straps for extra support and protection


Rescue Triangle
Fully adjustable, useable for adults and children


Cable Rescue Roller
Escape roll for inclined wire rope up to 70mm

Key Features

During a rescue operation, safety is of paramount importance, but time and nature are often against you. A well-planned and rehearsed operation will result in a positive result.

Miller by Sperian offers a comprehensive range of technical rescue equipment from self-operated evacuation devices, to class-leading stretchers and body splints.

The equipment listed allows users to perform vertical lowers and raises of a stretcher-borne casualty, plus implement a diagonal cableway. It also includes provision for work and rescue in confined spaces.

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Warranty Information

Our state of the art equipment provides the criticaltool for worker protection, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

At our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Europe, we ensure that every Miller product is made inaccordance with the standards and meets your exacting requirements.

Training is an essential part of any safety program. The employer is responsible for ensuring that any person working at height is fully informed regarding the correct use of PPE and systems.   

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