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Miller Revolution Basic (EUR)

2-point full body harness for use with a fall arrest device and suitable anchorage point.





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R1 Revolution Basic with DuraFlex Webbing
2-point, standard fixing buckles, size S/M


R1 Revolution Basic with DuraFlex Webbing
2-point, standard fixing buckles, size L/XL


R1 Revolution Basic with DuraFlex Webbing
2-point, standard fixing buckles, size XXL


R1 Revolution Basic with DualTech Webbing
2-point, standard fixing buckles, size S/M


R1 Revolution Basic with DualTech Webbing
2-point, standard fixing buckles, size L/XL


R1 Revolution Basic with DualTech Webbing
2-point,standard fixing buckles, size XXL

Key Features

Features :

Made from patented DualTech webbing with shape retention memory or Duraflex®, the R1 Basic Revolution harness is ideal for scaffolding, steel erection, tower building and maintenance thanks to the unique Revolution technology and a multitude of key features. The PivotLinkTM connections are located at waist level for a better ergonomic fit when bending or squatting

Benefits :

PivotLink Connection (patented): This unique rotary design provides greater comfort in bending / mobility. Positioned at waist level to mirror the bending and squatting movements of the worker in construction and maintenance. Provides attachment point for tools and accessories. Made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Self Contained Label Pack (patented): encapsulates labels minimizing damage and loss. Durable, polymer construction for extended service life. Integrated and oversized pull-free lanyard rings

Cam Buckle (patented): Easy, one-hand adjustment / release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps. Promotes proper snug fit; will not slip or misadjust. Constructed of high-tech polymer, lightweight aluminum and stainless steel materials that resist rust/corrosion.

Web Finials (patented): Clip-on design safely organises webbing after proper adjustment. Constructed of durable, high-impact resistant polymer. Provides positive gripping surface for easy web adjustment.

Integrated Accessory System: Modular attachment design provides connection points for tools & accessories which can be easily attached/removed for greater comfort and convenience. Designed to distribute the weight of accessories across the hips and shoulders for comfort and mobility.

DuraFlex® Webbing : Patented, elastomer webbing specially formulated to strech with the user's movements so there is no bunching or binding.

DualTech Webbing (patented): Donning made easy with two-sided, contrasting colour webbing and textures: soft grey polyamide webbing on the inside and durable, abrasion resistant polyester webbing on the outside. Webbing engineered with shape retention memory for a more comfortable fit. Unique circular tack provides greater strength, and contrasting colours make inspection easier

Recommended Industries/Use



  • EN 361 - Full Body Harness

Warranty Information

Our state of the art equipment provides the critical tool for worker protection, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

At our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Europe, we ensure that every Miller product is made in accordance with the standards and meets your exacting requirements.

Webbing Breaking Strength

> 3000daN

Webbing Width (mm)


Webbing Material

grey polyamide, 50% black polyester

Webbing Stitching

Polyamide and polyester

Dorsal D-Ring Breaking Strength

>5000 daN

Dorsal D-Ring Raw Material

Zinc plated

Front Anchorage Loops Breaking Strength


Training is an essential part of any safety program. The employer is responsible for ensuring that any person working at height is fully informed regarding the correct use of PPE and systems.   

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