Miller Scorpion Personal Fall Limiters (EUR)

An affordable alternative to shock-absorbig lanyards - the lightweight 9-ft web retractable requires less fall clearance.




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Scorpion PFL
2.7m with 1 karabiner and 1 swivel snap hook 22mm


Scorpion PFL
2.8m with 1 swivel snap hook 22mm and 1 swivel snap hook 50mm


Scorpion PFL
2.8m with 1 swivel karabiner and 1 alloy snap hook


Scorpion PFL
2.7m with 1 D-ring swivel snap hook and 1 alloy snap hook 50mm


Scorpion PFL Sharp Edge
Standard karabiner and Snap hook.


Scorpion PFL Sharp Edge
Standard karabiner and Scaffold hook.


Scorpion PFL Sharp Edge
Snap hook and Scaffold hook.

Viktigaste egenskaperna

  • Increased comfort of use : light and compact.
  • Freedom of movement : 2.8m working capacity
  • Security : Quick activating locking system arrests a fall within centimeters.
  • Self retracting webbing system eliminates the risks of tripping
  • Versatility : Can be directly connected to the harness D-ring and used like a traditional fall arrest lanyard

Benefits : Extremely robust and lightweight, the Scorpion PFL features a fall indicator, corrosion-resistant internal parts, stainless steel and aluminium body and high impact polymer cover.

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



  • Conforms to EN360


Our state of the art equipment provides the critical tool for worker protection, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

At our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Europe, we ensure that every Miller product is made in accordance with the standards and meets your exacting requirements.

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