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Miller Edge Shock-Absorbing Lanyards (EUR)

Edge tested shock absorbing lanyards guarantee safety in the event of a fall on an edge.




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Shock-Absorbing Webbing
2m Edge Tested + 2 carabiners


Shock-Absorbing Webbing
2m Edge Tested + 1 Scaf Hook + 1 carabiner

Key Features

Kernmantel Rope Features:


  • 12mm Ø rope lanyard tested over edges
  • The addition of a shock absorber reduced the fall arrest forces to under 6kN
  • Meets the requirements of all situations at height
  • A range of connectors offers the perfect solution for every situation
  •  Twin lanyards are specially designed for climbing open vertical structures, enabling the user to remain constantly connected (100% tie-off)

Manyard Features:

  • Edge resistance: Edge tested Manyard, identifiable by its tubular green webbing with a black stripe
  • Patented core-yarn technology: thanks the the nature of its webbing (wrapped filament) which combines two types of thread: one which is shock absorbent to reduce fall arrest forces, the other which is more robust to resist abrasion on the edges
  • Integrated shock absorber to educe fall arrest forces
  • Reduced product length to avoid risk of tripping or snagging
  • Built-in warning flag for increased security

Recommended Industries/Use



  • Conforms to EN355 / EN 354

Warranty Information

Our state of the art equipment provides the criticaltool for worker protection, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

At our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Europe, we ensure that every Miller product is made inaccordance with the standards and meets your exacting requirements.

Training is an essential part of any safety program. The employer is responsible for ensuring that any person working at height is fully informed regarding the correct use of PPE and systems.   

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