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Söll GlideLoc Vertical Height Access System

The Söll GlideLoc® Safe Climbing system includes fall protection ladders, guide rails, and guided type fall arresters. System accessories such as entry and exit devices, roof ascent or shaft entry equipment make it possible to design a system that is not only appropriate for the structure of the building or installation, but which also satisfies the very highest safety requirements.


Key Features

Söll GlideLoc fall protection ladders have an integrated guide rail for the guided-type fall arrester in the centre stile. They are available in aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel both as central-stile ladders (Y-spar) and with side stiles (twin ladder).

  • Distance between rungs is 280mm. Customised designs may be available.
  • Durable construction for extended service life
  • Accommodates multiple workers

The easy-climb Söll GlideLoc guided type fall arrester offers hands-free safety at height that ultimately increases worker mobility, safety and productivity.

  • Guided type fall arrester is fixed by the karabiner hook to the D-ring of the full body harness and inserted into the guide rail
  • Engineered for smooth operation for ascending/descending, provides an easier, more comfortable climb
  • Automatic design – keeps both hands free for climbing

  • Stainless steel catch clamp – locks into the rail in the event of a fall

  • Integrated shock-absorbing mechanism – reduces force on the worker and system in the event of a fall

  • Fall indicator – alerts user to know when to remove the product from service

  • Integrated swivel, auto-locking carabiner connection – aids in trailing alignment and meets allowable attachment length

  • Design prevents up-side-down installation – increases worker safety by ensuring proper attachment

  • No requirement to lean back while climbing – reduces fatigue; ideal for ladder cages and confined spaces

  • Ergonomically designed for easy one-hand installation – increases productivity


Fall protection for the highest safety requirements

A safe climbing system must meet stringent safety standards and be resistant to wear and tear.

  • Söll GlideLoc guide rails allow a combination of vertical and horizontal access without having to disconnect and reconnect.
  • Rail systems permit safe roof and platform access.


Horizontal access to workplaces at height

The EN 795:2012 compliant GuideLoc anchorage device is based on guide rails and is designed to provide a safe working environment for people working at height such as on roofs. The worker wears a full body harness and uses a lanyard (or other connector compliant with EN 354/ EN 355) to connect to the eye of the shuttle, which travels along the rail. For overhead applications a retractable fall arrester can be used to provide the most effective means of protection.

    Ideal for:

    • Permanent Ladder Applications
    • Wind Power/Turbines
    • Telecommunications
    • Construction, buildings and facades
    • Utilities
    • Industrial Facilities / chimneys
    • Drilling Rigs/Platforms
    • Shipbuilding
    • Crane Installation
    • Confined Space
    • Loading bays


    • Meets the EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017 and AS/NZS 1891 standards (and all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards)

    Warranty Information

    We sincerely believe that our fall protection equipment is the best in the world. Our products endure rigorous test to ensure that the fall protection equipment you trust is manufactured to the highest standards. Miller fall protection products are tested to withstand normal wear and tear, but are not indestructible and can be damaged by misuse. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or abusive treatment of the product. In the unlikely event that you should discover defects in either workmanship or materials, under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our expense. If a replacement is necessary and your product is no longer available, a comparable product will be substituted. Should a product issue surface, contact us at +33 248 53 00 80 (Southern Europe) or +49 9281 8302 0 (Northern Europe). Manufacturing specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Söll VR500 Fall Arrester

    Attaches at top or bottom of guide rail

    Söll BodyControl Fall Arrester

    Attaches at top or bottom of guide rail

    Söll Universal II Fall Arrester

    Attaches anywhere on guide rail

    Permanently installed climbing systems are tested and certified as a complete single system, including Söll guide rails, Söll fall arresters and Söll accessories. This means that, in a Söll GlideLoc® system only the Söll GlideLoc® fall arresters may be used. It is not permitted to use fall arresters from other manufacturers in these systems. Their use does comply with the regulations, hence, their functionality can not be guaranteed and in the event of an accident, Honeywell will not be liable.



    The following is engraved on each Söll GlideLoc fall arrester:

    • Name of Manufacturer
    • Date of Manufacture and Serial number
    • CE-Label and Key-code of testing institute
    • Indication to read manual
    • Type of system
    • Relevant standard

    Furthermore, an icon indicates to read the instruction manual before use. An arrow also indicates the correct direction of use. The date plate indicates when the next inspection is due.


    Söll GlideLoc - Brochure

    Technical Data Sheet - Universal II_27871_EN

    Söll GlideLoc - Universal II - Technical data sheet

    Söll VR500 GlideLoc Brochure_EN

    Sll VR500 Fall Arrester A New Generation of Guided-type Fall Arresters SLL GLIDELOC VERTICAL RAIL SYSTEMThe latest generation of guided-type fall arresters provides greater safety and more comfortable climbing from improved design. SLL VR500 FALL ARRESTER Sll VR500 Fall Arrester Brochure 2 Highest safety • Quick arrest

    Proper product training and professional fall protection training is recommended. Refer to Product Use Instructions enclosed with products.

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