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SafEscape RG20(Oil & Gas Derrick Rescue Kits)

Oil & Gas Derrick Descending Rescue Kits. 


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Cable RDD (55M)
RG20(55 米)


Cable RDD (75M)
RG20(75 米)


Cable RDD (55M) Kits
includes: 55M cable RDD*1; Anchor Housing*1; cable Slider*2; Guide cable*2; Bottom Anchor*2


Cable RDD (75M) Kits
includes:75M cable RDD*1; Anchor Housing*1; cable Slider*2 Guide cable*2; Bottom Anchor*2


Cable Slider

Key Features

• Corrosion-resistant and High quality anodized aluminum housing
• Steel wire cable, chemical galvanised components, long-lasting and robust
• Descent is quick(1m/s) and smooth with theCable Slider, easy for control the
• Greater cost-savings: recertication required only after seven years.

Loading:30 KG~130 KG
• One Person 75 KG / max.13 Time x 150 M(1950 M)
• One Person 100 KG / max.10 Time x 150 M(1500 M)
• Max 130 KG/ max.7 Time x 150 M(1050 M)
Max Descending Length:150 M
Unit weight:1.7 KG
Cable weight:8.7 KG/100 M
Descending Speed: 1 M/ Second

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