Butoject / Vitoject

Chemical protective butyl and viton gloves. Category 3 products (EN 374).



Vitoject 890
Vitoject® 890 is made of Viton, highly chemical resistant, absolutely indispensable when working with aggressive chemicals. A KCL protective glove of superb quality. Manufactured with the environmentally-friendly injection moulding process.


Butoject 897
Butoject® 897 is a highly flexible glove made of butyl rubber. This chemical protective glove offers excellent protection, yet is only 0.47 mm thick. It features a specially roughened surface, to improve the grip on smooth and wet parts. With an overall length of 360 mm, it also protects most of the forearm. The slim fit offers high dexterity for performing very fine tasks. This glove is very frequently used in laboratories due to its excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals, and fulfills the requirements of the new standard EN 16350:2014-07 for protective gloves against electrostatic hazards.


Butoject 898
Butoject® 898 is a highly flexible glove made of butyl rubber manufactured with the environmentally-friendly injection moulding process. This glove is very popular in the field of NBC protection due to its excellent protection against a wide range of chemicals and gases.

Viktigaste egenskaperna

The Butoject / Vitoject line features Butyl and Viton gloves with high chemical protection.

Butyl and Viton offer excellent protection against extremely agressive and toxic chemicals. Highly airtight. Ozone and sunlight resistant.

Category III gloves for assured quality. The cuff helps to protect a large part of the forearm.
Solvent free thanks to eco-friendly injection moulding process.

Rekommenderade branscher/rekommenderat användningsområde



  • EN 420:2003 - General requirements
  • EN 388:2003 - Mechanical risks
  • EN 374 - Chemical resistance


Butyl and Viton

Maintenance / cleaning

These gloves can not be cleaned.

Storage information

Keep gloves in their original packaging in a cool, dry, dust-free place, away from sources of heat and direct light.

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