Product Family


Glovebox operations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, semi-conductor, nuclear,


defense, and manufacturing industries.



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size:均码 Length:68 cm Thickness:0.5mm 袖口直径:254mm

Key Features

• CSM provides superior resistance to ozone and oxidizing chemicals such as

alcohols, alkalis and acids.

• Highly resistant to the effects of UV radiation in both artificial light and sunlight.

• Very high abrasion resistance provides long glove service life.

White CSM surface will not hide contamination and is easily cleaned

(important for cleanapplications, such as in the pharmaceutical industry).


• Natural soft feel for greater worker comfort.

Solvent based, multi-dip manufacturing process provides multiple layers of


polymer (like a glove within a glove) which results in a glove of superior quality.

Good tensile strength provides resistance to accidental tears.


• Ambidextrous and hand specific styles available.

• For use with short glovebox gloves.
















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