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Aluminium platelet apron or tunic. Protection level 2. Food contact.


Product Numbers



LAMEX Plus apron
Apron in aluminium plates. Blue plastic H shaped shoulder straps. (Length : 70cm. Width : 45cm)


LAMEX Plus Tunic
Tunic in aluminium plates. (Length : 70cm. Width : 45cm)

Additional Information

Minimum order quantities : 1 apron / 1 tunic.

Key Features

The Lamexplus line features Apron or Tunic made of aluminium plates.


The small size of the aluminium platelets increases the suppleness of the tunic considerably, bringing it close to that of a chainmail apron. Easy to slip on and off.Unique chainmail shoulder strap design, the weight is ideally distributed over a large surface for optimal comfort.

The LAMEX PLUS platelets ensure sturdiness in all conditions for models providing the utmost safety.The tunic wraps completely around the chest to ensure constant protection, from the neck down to the mid-thigh.

Recommended Industries/Use



  • Category 2 : Intermediate risks.
  • EN 13998 level 1 & 2 - Aprons, trousers and vests protecting against cuts and stabs by hand knives.
  • Food contact -

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Warranty Information

Honeywell warrants that it's Honeywell Protective Gloves are free from defects in material and workmanship. This limited warranty does not cover any product or component found to have been altered, misused, abused, tampered with or improperly maintained or to have deteriorated due to aging of any component made of rubber or any other elastomer. The limited warranty does not cover any damage, loss or expense due to damage caused by accident, abuse, improper maintenance, use or misuse of the product.

Does not contain any allergenic substances
Cleaning: in washing machine or scrubbing at least once a day with hot soapy water (50°C) or in a mixture of hot water (50°C) and detergent.Rinsing at 82°C minimum. Desinfection with an approved product.

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